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“12 Days of Christmas Giving”

December 4th, 2011Posted by Darlene

A UMNS Feature By Kathy L. Gilbert* I have a love/hate relationship with the popular Christmas song, “12 Days of Christmas.” I admit it is mostly a hate relationship. However, there were many things about the song that I didn’t know. Did you know, for example, “true love” refers to God and “eight maids a-milking” […]

Why Do We Fear?

June 12th, 2011Posted by Darlene

Paul wrote the second letter to Timothy while in prison….it is thought to be an attempt to ease his own loneliness while encouraging Timothy to stand firm in his faith. Paul sensed what lied ahead of Timothy and realizing his time was short…he wanted to help strengthen his young assistant. He needed him to keep his […]

The Power of Prayer

March 23rd, 2011Posted by Darlene

When Aretha Franklin sang the song “I say a little prayer for you” in the 1970s many did not imagine that the soulful pledge would become truly the stuff she believed. Growing up the daughter of a Baptist preacher in Detroit I imagine she knew the true power of prayer. More and more people, believers, […]

Unity in the Body of Christ

June 15th, 2010Posted by Darlene

We are all given a “measure of faith” and the deciding factor to our successes and failures in life often revolve around what we do with the measure we are given. While the measure of faith given to one may be more or less than another…we all have God given gifts and talents that thrive […]

Encouragement to a Disciple

May 5th, 2010Posted by Darlene

There are many who have misbeliefs and in some cases disbeliefs about the Word of God. In the past I have always avoided discussing religion with people as it often brings out the worst in people. I recently decided…it is after all what we are called to do…..make disciples of Jesus Christ! II Timothy 1:8 shows us how depsite Paul’s […]