Are We Connected to Christ?

John 15:5   The Message (MSG)

5 “I am the Vine, you are the branches. When you’re joined with me and I with you, the relation intimate and organic, the harvest is sure to be abundant. Separated, you can’t produce a thing.

Jesus is the source of life, and His life within you is for one purpose-THAT YOU MIGHT BEAR FRUIT. We need to ask ourselves two (2)  very important question:  1. Are we connected to Christ? and 2. If we are in Christ, then how much fruit is there in our lives?

First, find time for God…to build that personal relationship with Christ.  In the course of EACH day we MUST have time to spend with God. Compare it to a marriage or a friendship. Each of these relationships require time, commitment, patience, love and most importantly communication. Many people will give you advice on being married and the one thing that almost everyone will say is to make sure you always communicate with each other. If you don’t communicate with your spouse, how can you be in tune to them? I believe….no…I know the same principle applies to our relationship with Christ. If we are not being intentional in our relationship with Christ, how can we be in tune to what His will is for us. If we don’t communicate with God, how do we know what He might be saying to us.  (ARE WE CONNECTED TO CHRIST?) Prayer is our means of communication with God. It may be kneeling at the alter  or maybe  just talking to Him while your driving down the road.  Regardless of where or how you pray, praying keeps you tuned in to God.  For me….one of the biggest challenges to staying tuned in to God is just the fact that I’m always busy.  My days are often hectic, my evenings full and my weekends are more often than not planned months in advance. Take a moment and think about your week……  Just think about how busy most of you are. You get up early in the morning, we go to work or school, come  home late, prepare dinner, do laundry, take care of the kids, look over home work and get ready for the next day so we can do it all over again. And by the end of the day, you’re exhausted….literally drained, physically, mentally and more importantly spiritually. With such busy lives, it is really easy to stray from God or even worse…let Him become an item on the dreaded TO DO LIST!  Sometimes our busy lives make it difficult to remain in Him. This is certainly something that requires us to be intentional with God. (ARE WE CONNECTED TO CHRIST?) We often live our lives in sections….we have our  Home life, Work life, School life, Social life…and too often, our Spiritual life becomes one of the sections. But with God, there is no distinction between the different sections of our lives. He’s concerned with all of it. AND OF THAT I AM SO VERY GLAD….Our lives get filled up with a lot of stuff that just drains our energy everydaybut for Jesus to work in our lives we have to be connected to him…..praying for the spirit of Christ to be in us. As he says in the scripture, He is the main vine”; all the nutrients and growth come from him. We have to be very intentional about allowing God to rule over all of the sections and layers of our lives.

Fortunately for us, our fate can be different from that of the branch that will undoubtedly wither away without proper nourishment. Because of what Jesus did for us on the cross, we are invited to join back to the vine at any time. Jesus, the vine, is always there for us. He is waiting to give us the nourishment we need to live. All we have to do is be intentional about asking for it. If we remain intentional about being connected to Jesus, we will receive nourishment and will eventually blossom and be fruitful.

 2. If you are in Christ, then how much fruit is there in your life?

Let’s quickly THINK ABOUT THE FRUIT. Exactly what is this FRUIT we are supposed to be producing:

a.  Some say that the fruit Jesus is talking about is OBEDIENCE:  Those who love Christ will obey His commands. John 14:15

b. Others say that the fruit is to REPRODUCE OTHER BELIEVERS:  One of the signs of life is that it reproduces itself. Fruit carries within it the seed which has the ability to reproduce.

c.  Others say that the fruit is the FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT:   Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control …all are the fruitful evidence that you are connected to the vine. Left to ourselves we all would remain branches IN CHRIST, but unfruitful because we are growing in the dirt of this world and not in the Spirit of ChristThe life source is within us; God’s Holy spirit is in our lives, but God does more to make us fruitful. God lifts us up; He disciplines and trains us in order that we might grow and produce fruit. How does God lift up these fruitless vines?

d.  We need each other to grow effectively and be fruitful; none of us can make it alone. He places us in relationships with other believers. I believe this is ONE of the single most important things that God does for us. Being a part of a church and sharing in loving relationships with other Christians is vital to your spiritual health.

e. He instructs us in His Word. The Holy Spirit is our teacher; through our personal devotions, sermons, teaching and interaction in small groups like bible study, Sunday School…the Holy Spirit will cleanse and strengthen our lives through the Word of God and the people of God.

f.  God renews our minds so that we no longer conform to the ways of this world but pursue His kingdom;

 So as we consider these thoughts I leave you with this: 

1.       If we don’t let God lift us up …..we are in danger of becoming a fruitless branch that chooses not to remain in Christ.

2.       If we don’t enter into relationships with other believers and apply His word to our lives and let the Holy Spirit renew our minds, then we are cutting off the flow of Christ’s source of life that He places within us.

3.       As you build that relationship and become connected to Christ, you will learn to hear the voice of God through the Holy Spirit, and The Holy Spirit will then personally guide you, teach you, counsel you, comfort you and when that happens our relationship will deepen, we will grow in Christ and then and ONLY then will we bear fruit!


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