2014 Legislative Event – Telling the Story of Texas

In January I had the privilege of attending my fifth Legislative Event in six years. This year marked the 26th Texas UMW Legislative Event held in Austin, Texas and was attended by men and women, Methodists, Baptists and Presbyterians alike. As I watched, listened, learned and fellowshipped with UMW from all over Texas I was suddenly saddened for the year that I did not attend as if I missed an annual family reunion. While we came together to practice Faith in Democracy, we also shared the stories and pictures of family and loved ones, swapped favorite recipes for comfort food and laughed and prayed with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

We started with a presentation by the Volunteers In Service To America (VISTAs), heard how to become Water Captains, learned of the 2014 Treasure Hunt, received an update on immigration concerns in Texas and was introduced to one of the newest programs at Texas Impact – Project 362 and all of this was on Sunday afternoon. On day two we heard the stories of men and women from all walks of life, we “filled in the blanks” on school finance and received an update on the Affordable Health Care Act. The speakers during our meals further assisted in stressing the importance of “telling our story”. The Central Texas Conference UMW was well represented with 35 in attendance, the conference caucus was filled with informed, energetic, passionate and excited women as we identified those items to present for the 2014 Legislative Agenda. We received training on how to conduct our lobby visits so we would have confidence in our voice and strength in our words as we met with our representatives. We were armed and ready to meet the politicians, unfortunately, Mother Nature had a different plan and we were unable to go to the Capitol. While we did not go to the Capitol the weather did not leave us without means…. we used the available time to learn more about the  topics discussed, set-up a plan of action to be taken at the local level and prepared for the year to come and address and uplift the 2014 UMW Legislative Agenda.

I could go on and on about the presenters, speakers, topics, etc. but what I hope is that I have given you just enough information to peak your curiosity and lead you to the Texas Impact website at  www.texasimpact.org to read, learn and download the forms, flyers and applications for your local unit so you can discuss and decide where to best concentrate your efforts in your community using the talents, gifts and concerns of your local unit. The first planning meeting has already been scheduled for the 2015 Legislative Event so mark your calendars and Save the Date – January 25-27, 2015. See you there!

In Christ,

Darlene R. Alfred

CTC UMW Social Action Coordinator

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